3D Printed Model February 2019

Museo del Internacional Barraco

The Museo del Internacional Barraco located in Puebla City, Mexico, was designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito and constructed in 2016. Built as an homage to the Baroque period, the museum’s form aims to embody three of the era’s key principles: space, movement, and contrast between light and shadow. More specifically chiaroscuro, contrasting light and dark surfaces to increase the 3D appearance of a structure, and tenebrism, using sharply contrasting tones such as black backgrounds with brightly colored subjects. The massive building is constructed of uniquely curved sheets of white concrete in a quadrilateral pattern. The sun moving across the sky over the museum results in a fluid display of light, as the overlapping walls cast shadows that slip and slide along one another. Printing this timeless building was an exciting challenge, and we can’t wait to take on more international masterpieces.

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