3D Printed Model June 2019

World Champion Boxing Stadium, 1919

On July 4, 1919 one of the most famous boxing matches of the 20th century took place in Toledo, Ohio when 6-foot-tall underdog Jack Dempsey upset the defending world heavyweight champion 6-foot-6-inch Jess Willard. The event was coined ‘Toledo’s Day In The Sun’ and the clear skies and 110 degree temperature reflected that as spectators swarmed Bay View Park for the spectacle. Willard outweighed Dempsey by 58 pounds, but hadn’t trained unlike his opponent who saw this as the most important fight of his life. The fight lasted only three rounds and launched Dempsey into stardom. Equally as famous was the structure in which the bout was held, which was the largest stadium in the world at the time. The all wood structure was built of Michigan white pine and designed to seat 100,000 spectators. Due to the available technology the stadium was 290 feet from the center of the ring to the outermost wall and the maximum height of the wall was only 34 feet. Although the actual attendance count is the subject of controversy among historians, based on photographic evidence the stadium was mostly full. This was by far our largest scale model to date and spanned approximately 40 inches from edge to edge. It was an honor to design this model as part of an exhibit at the Toledo History Museum that recognizes the boxing match and its impact for the city of Toledo. The model consists of eight wedges composed of multiple pieces that are pegged and glued together. Due to machine limitations, all 3,280 of the lighter colored benches were printed separately, as were the ramps, lattice work, ring, and commentators tower. The entire 1:148 scale model took over 450 hours to print in Polylactic Acid and several days to assemble. With our company based out of Ann Arbor, it is incredible to think that a stadium constructed a century ago rivaled the University of Michigan’s Big House which seats 107,601 people.

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