3D Printed Model March 2019

University of Toledo Center for the Visual Arts

The University of Toledo is honored to house its Center for the Visual Arts in such a stunning building designed by perhaps the most renowned architect of the 20thcentury, Frank Gehry. Some of Gehry’s notable works include the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, and Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic. The Center for the Visual Arts was completed in 1993 and was the first building that Gehry designed in Ohio, followed by the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center in 1999 and the Weatherhead School of Management Peter B. Lewis building at Case Western Reserve University in 2003. Characteristic of Gehry’s work, the structure features seamlessly blended curves and sharp lines that draw the viewer’s eye across every slope and slant. The grey exterior has a subtle rectilinear pattern created by oxidized, lead-plated copper panels. The four-story building partially surrounds a courtyard enclosed by floor to ceiling windows, reminding viewers that Toledo is still the Glass City. Avoiding being overshadowed by the neighboring Toledo Museum of Art was no easy task, but through his use of sharply contrasting angles and whimsical form Gehry once again designed an architectural wonder. To replicate this structure, we 3D printed the model in several pieces using a metallic gray PLA filament for the main components and white PLA filament for the window accents. This project was especially meaningful for our founder who was born and raised in Toledo, and visited both the museum and Gehry’s building often.

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