3D Printed Model May 2019

Angell Hall Facade

Angell Hall was designed by the world-famous architect Albert Khan. Khan designed many buildings in the greater Detroit area, including the General Motors building, now called Cadillac Place; the Detroit Free Press building, and the Detroit Athletic Club. Primarily known for his industrial designs and innovative use of concrete to increase the fire-resistance of the structures, Khan’s plan for Angell Hall, on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, was more classical. Inspired by Greek architecture the façade of the building features eight imposing, Doric columns, an architrave adorned with bas-reliefs representing philosophy and the arts; and a sweeping staircase. Used frequently in ancient Greece and featured prominently in the Parthenon in Athens, Doric columns are composed of columndrums stacked atop one another. In the Doric order the height and width of the columns, as well as the capital at the top of the column, must be to specific proportions, which are accurately reflected in Angell Hall. Across the entablature, which runs the length of the mantel, is found the characteristic triglyph-metope frieze featuring, which are also a signature of the Doric order. At the base of the building are four reliefs of Greek figures representing the fields of study: Philosophy, Arts, History, and Poetry.

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